Need your product shipped across the United States, fast?

BBX offers coast-to-coast service utilizing 5-day railroad transport. The 5-day rail service is a fast, safe, and consistent method of getting your product both East to West as well as West to East. Railroad transportation is also the Green way to ship freight across the U.S. On average, rail is 3 times more efficient than truckload transportation and is the most fuel-efficient form of transporting on the ground. One train takes approximately 200 trucks off of the road, reducing emissions as well as overall traffic. Rail also provides many transport options, making BBX capable of meeting a multitude of shipping requirements and preferences.

Railroad Options

    • Temperature Controlled:
         • Trailers
         • Rail cars
         • Load storage centers
    • Green Transport:
         • Trains average over 400 miles per gallon
   • Advanced Rail Cars:
     • Dry
         • Refrigerated
   • LTL Capabilities
   • Large Capacity
   • Coast-to-Coast Service

Regardless of your freight, BBX has the solution to meet your needs. Contact us for more information regarding rail transport, including Rates.