Refrigerated Transport
BBX specializes in the customized transport of refrigerated goods throughout the Northeast. We pride ourselves in consistently providing on-time delivery that is efficient and cost-effective for our loyal customers. BBX offers an extensive array of equipment options, which we utilize to tailor our services to the diverse needs of each customer. When it comes to refrigerated product delivery, no one does it better or gets it there as fast and fresh. Whether you’re a customer looking for short range transport, or a large company with business all across North America, BBX will find a solution for you.


“Sea to Store in 24”

At BBX, we specialize in the transportation and handling of fresh seafood, utilizing our motto “Sea to Store in 24.” With decades of experience hauling seafood, BBX will get your seafood from the ocean to the market in just one day. We are the only company that provides daily pick up, transfer, consolidation, and delivery services all with just one call. Because we handle all of these steps, we are able to transport faster and more efficiently, resulting in a fresher and more consistent product. Do business with confidence knowing that through BBX, your seafood will be shipped from the “Sea to Store in 24” hours.